The App

ZiP is an app that helps you track, visualise and find easy alternatives to plastic in your every day life.


  1. Track your daily plastic usage.
  2. View statistics on your plastic consumption.
  3. Determine which bin to dispose your plastics when you are unsure.
  4. Receive tips to reduce your plastic consumption.
  5. Share your progress with others.


Help people become aware of the plastic they use everyday
by logging the plastic they throw away

Encourage habit changes
by showing simple alternatives to plastic use

Visualise plastic consumption
with simple graphics and visual comparison between users

Help identify patterns of plastic consumption and disposal to inform further plastic reduction research
through collecting data related to daily plastic use and disposal

Download the app

The app is currently in the last stages of development and the first release of the app will be available soon. If you would like to download the app, please register your interest to a receive notification when it is available.